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Sales Canary App

is built using

Salesforce Lightning

Minimize guesswork with AI

Apply data science
to gain opportunity
pipeline insights:

– Deal scoring and prioritization
– Propensity to win/loss insights
– Analyze pipeline health

Monitor Pipeline Trends

Utilize as of date
pipeline and activity

– Assess Y/Y and Q/Q trends
– Track pipeline movement
– Monitor account activity

Predictive Sales Forecasting

On-demand collaborative forecasting powered by data science:

– Baseline predictive forecast
– Product Forecasting
– Qtr/Month/Week forecasting Mobile App

Native lightning App for mobile and desktop users:

– Consistent user experience
– Real time data view/updates
– Secure data with integrity

Sales Canary App value proposition for cross-functional planning and execution

On-demand predictive and pipeline analytics to monitor health of pipeline, pipeline trends and sales performance.  Gain real time insights from sales activity analytics to provide effective coaching to sales reps.  Improve forecast accuracy with predictive and on-demand collaborative sales forecasts.

Utilize AI driven opportunity scoring and insights to prioritize deals with higher win rate probability, develop deal specific close strategy and provide forecast guidance.  Improved efficiency from an integrated and on-demand pipeline analytics and forecasting solution on a mobile platform.

Drive sales forecast accuracy with predictive analytics.  Improve effectiveness of weekly sales calls by automating spreadsheet based processes with a secure online analytics and forecasting mobile/desktop App.  Sales Operations can focus on analysis rather spending days/hrs (often weekends) putting spreadsheets for executive and staff meetings.

Utilize predictive deal scoring to prioritize and optimize Sales Engineering resource allocation to maximize revenue/accomplish business objectives.

Improve product forecast accuracy by utilizing automated product allocation based on pipeline or historical data.

Monitor health of pipeline, pipeline trends and utilize predictive deal scoring to identify and develop support plan for deals that require product expertise/development.

Improve revenue and gross margin forecast accuracy by utilizing an integrated predictive deal scoring.  Monitor pipeline health and trends to identify upside/risks to management/street guidance.

Why Sales Canary?

Sales Canary AppExternal Hosted Solutions
SFDC platform App provides consistent user interface for forecasting, analytics and CRM. Its an App built on Sales Cloud.App built and hosted on external platform would require learning and management of multiple platforms.
Users work with live data as no interfaces are needed.Users work with snapshot data which results in data latency issues and makes it unusable at quarter end/peak activity.
Embedded data security.Privacy and data security is a key concern. Requires additional audit and certification to comply with the new federal and EU privacy regulations.
All data resides in customer instance.All data resides in 3rd party solution under vendor control.
No minimum user requirements, can start using the system with one user.Minimum user requirements to compensate for infrastructure costs.

Pricing Plans

Powerful and reliable tools for the Sales Forecasting and financial guidance.

Sales Canary offers native SFDC Lightning App with per user pricing and flexible deployment models to address specific customer needs

Sales Forecasting and Analytics App

  • Collaborative Sales Forecasting
  • Product Forecasting
  • Quarterly/monthly/weekly forecasting
  • Pipeline Analytics
  • Deal Activity Analytics
  • Multi-currency

Predictive Analytics Service

$ Contact us for Price
  • Opportunity Scoring
  • Propensity to Buy Insights
  • Predictive Sales Forecasting
  • Predictive Analytics

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